Facilities in Lotos Mountain Resort

Our bungalows are spacious, decorated in natural ways, with modern bathrooms, dedicated kitchens and living rooms featuring wood-burning stoves. As if that wasn’t temping enough, you will have the opportunity to enjoy our outdoor spaces along with the wild animals farm within a few minutes distance!

  • Breakfast service available in rooms
  • Baggage transfer service
  • 24/7 Room service
  • Early Breakfast service 7:00 AM
  • Breakfast duration 7:15- 10:30
  • Customer transfer service from/to airport, port, bus station
  • Dryclean -Clean -Iron service
  • Second room service in night as additional check (towel change, bed cover remove, empty trash)
  • On request towel change
  • Express check out service
  • Pillow selection

Free Parking

Free parking space for your car next to the bungalows.

Secured Area – Special attention to children safety

Ideal for vacations with kids

Enjoy the beauty of nature while feeling free but also safe! Our resort offers all the necessities for your children, such as food, activities and games!
Lotos Mountain Resort staff works 24/7 surveilling the whole resort and making sure everything is in perfect condition and clean.


We invite you to enjoy your meals in the beautiful garden in Konitsa Lotos Farm or in our spacious restaurant hall.
Regardless of your choice, our chef promises to deliver meticulously prepared dishes, homemade and cooked with ingredients straight from our biological farming! Among the many flavors, you will have the opportunity to taste selected meats from our own farm.

Pools for adults and children

Stay relaxed on your vacations. Refresh your mood with a quick swimming session or just enjoy yourself by our pools, with summer cocktails, cold beers or selected dishes.




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