Built with stone and wood, Lotos Mountain Resort blends harmonically with the natural environment of the mountainsides, making you feel part of a traditional settlement. It was created with the ambition to offer its guests a unique experience through a combination of outdoors activities and local area explorations, while staying in cozy and comfortable mountain bungalows.

Take a deep breath of fresh air and leave anxieties behind. Just outside Konitsa, close to Aoos gorge and 1 hour distance from the city of Ioannina, lies a scenery of magnificent beauty with our wooden settlement; Lotos Mountain Resort.
Our bungalows are spacious, decorated in natural ways, with modern bathrooms, dedicated kitchens and living rooms featuring wood-burning stoves. As if that wasn’t temping enough, you will have the opportunity to enjoy our outdoor spaces along with the wild animals farm within a few minutes distance!

Visit us in Konitsa, stay in our small village and see the unique sights of the area:

  • Stone bridge of Konitsa, featuring the largest single-arch bridge in the Balkans
  • Stomiou Monastery
  • Mansion of Hamko
  • Voidomatis Bridge of Vikos gorge
  • Mastoroxoria (group of traditional villages)
  • Saint Paisius House
  • Snow Center in Vasilitsa
  • Thermal Springs of Amarantos – Kavasila
  • Monastery of Molivdoskepasti
  • Mosque of Sultan Suleiman

Visit Our Farm in Konitsa

Weddings and Baptisms in the chapel of St. Nicolas in Konitsa

The chapel St. Nicolas, is located in a magnificent natural environment with breathtaking view. Having a spacious event hall with a capacity of 700 people, it is an ideal place for romantic weddings or baptisms!


Wildlife Park Tour

In Konitsa, only 60 km away from the city of Ioannina, you will find the Wildlife Park Konitsa Lotos Farm. Covering an area of 130 acres, the park hosts wildlife animals of the Greek fauna along with a wide a variety of exotic animals. Explore the Wildlife Park thought its specially designed footpaths!


Playgrounds and Children Parties

Konitsa Lotos Farm features both internal and external playgrounds. Spend some quality time with your children or have them play around the children-safe areas of the Farm.



Traditional Mountain Greece Restaurant

We invite you to enjoy your meals in the beautiful garden in Konitsa Lotos Farm or in our spacious restaurant hall.
Regardless of your choice, our chef promises to deliver meticulously prepared dishes, homemade and cooked with ingredients straight from our biological farming! Among the many flavors, you will have the opportunity to taste selected meats from our own farm.